Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Change of plans

This post is late for a good number of reasons: work, life, work, etc. But there's another reason this post is late: I had a change of plans. I had intended to write about a perfectly lovely broad bean dip I had made last week (it had garlic, and olive oil and cumin, among other things. I even took photos)  but somehow the words wouldn't come. The state in which I made the dip, among the boxes and scattered newspaper and piles of books that was my sister's move, is not conducive to expression. Neither the dip, nor the subject seemed blog worthy.
NOT mangoes

Instead I want to talk about mangoes. Like the bean dip, this dish, such as it is, is something I made up on the fly, but in less chaotic circumstances. I had guests, mangoes, limes and pistachios in congruence. A fortuitous turn of events, what with lime season being about a week long. Mangoes and lime is obvious. Pistachios are less obvious, but I had them, so I used them and I glad for that because otherwise I wouldn't know what  a revelation pistachios and mangoes are. Who knew how well they complimented each other? And why didn't they tell me? So now I am preaching my knew-found revelation. Let there be pistachios with your mango! Let there be simplicity and ease and deliciousness! So say we all!

Mango with Lime and Pistachios

1 mango
juice of half a lime
coarse, flaky salt
the barest pinch of cayenne
a handful of  shelled pistachios

1. Chop the mango into a medium-small dice. Add the lime juice, a pinch of salt and the cayenne and mix. Allow to sit for moment or two. Add the pistachios and serve. Imagine you are someplace else entirely. Specifically, on a beach.With a book.

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