About this Blog

About Me:

I am Tiki. I like food and feeding people;words and old things. I am a refugee from academia, finding my place in the wider world. I live in Jerusalem with my sister and a fat, asthmatic cat.

About the Project:

נשים מבשלות עסק (Women Cook Up a Business) is a program run by the feminist organization קול האשה (Kol Ha'Ishah). The goal of the project is to help women start their own culinary businesses. The project includes a course in small business management, but is centered around work in a community kitchen. Once a week the members of the project are expected to put out 200 plates to feed members of a day care center for people with special needs. The goal of the kitchen work is to familiarize participants with the industrial kitchen as well as to give them experience feeding large numbers of people.

About the Blog:

This blog will be a chronicle of the my year in the community kitchen.

The Recipes:

The food featured in this blog will not be the food we cook in the kitchen. I seriously doubt most people need to know how to make rice for 200 people (hint: it involves a lot of rice), nor do I want to describe how to make rice for 200 people. Instead, this blog will be tangential to the work I do in the kitchen. A lot of times the prep work I do, or the food I cook will remind me of things I cook at home. This blog will feature those recipes.